Euroeste in Venezuela

Euroeste in Venezuela

Euroeste is currently in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela developing a turnkey project that covers the planning, development and construction and management of a full meat production complex.


Project in Venezuela:


  • Premix plant;
  • Feed plant;
  • Livestocking farming with 5,700 breeding sows;
  • Slaughterhouse and meat processing complex (100 pigs/hour).
Human Resources


As regards human resources required for the effective development of the whole project, the number of workers and employees coinciding with the number of jobs created by Euroeste totals 175.


This project implies a complete transfer of technology from Euroeste to the client, obtained by training Venezuelan personnel in Portugal and subsequent training in Venezuela, provided by staff trained in Portugal and under the supervision of Euroeste personnel present in the country to ensure that the client is in a position to manage the business on its own.