Compound Feed Production

Compound Feed Production

Compound feed production is a key element in Euroeste group’s activity, with premises for the production of premixes and feed, which together with the production from outsourcers, reach a yearly total production of 150,000 tonnes in Portugal.


The premixes are developed within the scope of the group’s research and development, which, once tested and improved, are added to the feed, thus allowing for a healthy growth and an efficient development of a number of animal species.


The preparation of these premixes involves passing a number of rigorous tests and complying with a demanding quality control.


In the feed plants the final animal feed is prepared by transforming raw materials and by adding together all the components of each type of feed.


The end product, bagged or in bulk, is marketed and provided to farms or transported to them by trucks belonging to the Euroeste group, used specifically for this purpose.


All the steps involved in the preparation, improvement and completion, as well as the sacking, storing and transporting the premixes and feed are of the responsibility of the Euroeste group, guaranteeing high quality, positive results and connection between all the production phases.


The basic parameters in the selection, definition and organisation of the whole compound feed production process are the quality of the production and the location of the plants in relation to the farms in order to ensure the benefits of the feed administered for the growth and development of the animals, as well as an efficient link between the feed plants and the farms.


The consumption of compound feed on the farms belong to the Euroeste group attains annual values of over 135,000 tonnes.