Career and Recruitment

Career and Recruitment

The recruitment and selection of specialised human resources is a cornerstone in the work of Euroeste, whose competent personnel are of a growing strategic importance and are assumed as a cutting edge advantage.


The specialised human resources working with Euroeste include:


  • Animal Production Engineers, Agronomists and Zootechnicians
  • Managers and Economists
  • Animal Handlers and Agricultural Operators
  • Others


Vocational Training

Euroeste gives specific vocational training actions in several different areas, also accompanying the development of the different projects, with special attention being given to the sharing of knowledge and transfer of know-how, vital for the production objectives to be attained.


The expertise of the Euroeste group in this area, by way of its own means or by way of agreements that it has entered into with several Portuguese universities, allows it to intervene in dissemination seminars and university presentations with the purpose of spreading knowledge.



In a context of growth and diversification, plus the internationalisation of its activities, Euroeste seeks to identify and select efficient human resources, offering a number of job opportunities in multiple geographies and functional domains.


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