Property Management

Property Management

The Euroeste group counts on the knowledge, experience and necessary human resources to assess and manage farms and provide planning and technical assistance services in properties whose activities are geared towards agri-industrial activities.


With the experience and know-how required to act in several agricultural sectors, the Euroeste group specialises in the management of farms, guaranteeing a well-balanced and efficient intervention by its highly skilled professionals, boosting capacity in order to attain efficient results in different activities both in Portugal and abroad.


The ability to execute and manage agri-industrial projects nationally and internationally is extended to Proder projects, whose functions the Euroeste group has experience in, include the preparation phases of applications, financial planning, project implementation and their technical and financial management.


The Euroeste group has entered into a partnership with a company specialised in agri-industrial property brokerage, Remax Countryside, whose activity is focused on providing support services to the sale and purchase of properties. 

The sectors in which the Euroeste group intervenes concerning the management of agricultural properties are:


  • Pig Farms
  • Cattle Farms
  • Sheep Farms
  • Management of slaughterhouses and cutting plants
  • Forest Management
  • Management of Olive Groves
  • Management of Vineyards and Wine Cellars
  • Production of Cereals
  • Production of Vegetables
  • Production of Fruit
  • Management of Irrigation Systems
  • Amongst others