Pharmaceutical Area

Pharmaceutical Area

In the pharmaceutical area, the Euroeste group provides production services and uses laboratory analysis and testing in order to monitor various parameters of its activity, and commercializes medicines and products for veterinary use, supporting production with safety and quality requirements, safeguarding animals, veterinarians, producers and consumers.


Medicines and products for veterinary use are chemical or biological substances that can be applied individually or collectively, directly or mixed in feed, for prevention, diagnosis, treatment and/or cure of diseases, welfare promotion or favorable hygiene and sanitary conditions, including additives, supplements, vaccines, antiseptics, desinfectants, pesticides and all medicines and products used in animals or in its facilities to protect, restore or modify their organic and physiological functions.


Medicines and veterinary products are crucial resources of efficient development of livestock activity and healthy growth and development of the different species.


Ensuring that the range of medicines and veterinary products meet all livestock production need and at the same time meets all the requirements necessary for its use, the Euroeste group controls all stages of their development, from the study to design, through laboratory test and controlled trials, safeguarding animal welfare and ensuring product security and the protection of public health.


At the top of the set of ideologies that guide Euroeste's action are security, quality and ethics, and the group certifies and ensures the health and welfare of animals, protects veterinarians and producers, preserves the environment and ratifies consumer safety.