Euroeste in Portugal

Euroeste in Portugal

Among other activities developed in Portugal, Euroeste stands out for its work in Animal Production, notably in Pig farming.


Through the management of several farms geographically spread out over the whole country, the Euroeste group rears close to 16,000 breeding sows, that represent an estimated production of 330,000 pigs a year.


On the pig farms pertaining to the Euroeste group, air cooling and renewal, the maintenance of appropriate temperatures and regular cleaning and disinfection are strictly complied with, given their importance to the effective and safe development of the animals.


On the pig farms, there is an area for evacuation and waste treatment, where liquid waste and solid waste are separated. The liquid component is treated in order to be recycled through a system of basins, by making use of the solid part for the marketing of organic and organic-mineral fertilisers.


In addition to the farms where Euroeste has its own production there is a boosted and increased efficiency in animal production by resorting to partners who, functioning with leased land and integration systems, add value and strengthen the group’s activities.