The basic pillars of Euroeste in all its business activities consist of commitments of environmental, social, economic sustainability and a commitment towards the the consumer.


In terms of environmental sustainability, Euroeste seeks: 


  •   Energy efficiency and efficiency in the consumption of water;
  •   Reduction of gas emissions;
  •   And guarantees that effluents from farms are used for agricultural production or energy production.

As regards social sustainability, the main commitments are related to the:

  • Creation of jobs;
  • Vocational training of skilled staff.

The economic sustainability commitment is backed by:


  • The vitalisation of local economies;
  • The use of national products;
  • Transfer of technology;
  • Production diversification;
  • Innovative production processes;
  • Monitoring of technological progress.


For the consumer, Euroeste accepts the commitment to:


  • Secure food safety;
  • Traceability of products and their quality control;
  • Fulfilment of hygiene plans;
  • Guarantee animal wellbeing in all production phases and a decreased use of antibiotics.