Animal Production

Animal Production

The action of the Euroeste group in animal production is developed both intensively and extensively with respect for the best farming practices and includes pig farming and cattle farming.


All sanitary and hygiene conditions are strictly complied with given the importance for the efficient and safe development of the animals.


In order to complete the production chain, the Euroeste group has partnerships with slaughterhouses, cutting plants and processing plants.


All the stages of the production circuit are rigorously monitored, by following specific hygiene plans and by complying with applicable European legislation and the most demanding criteria in terms of food safety.


This area is being heavily modernised thus leading to both diversification and development of new quality products and also constant innovation in the areas of packaging and labelling, adjusting to consumer demands and retail requirements.


Together with the farms where the Euroeste groups undertakes its own production, there are partnerships which help bring greater efficiency to animal production, due to the existence of leased land and farms that function in an integration system.